PedalDoctor FX Mod Rod
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PedalDoctor FX Pedals
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High Performance Gain!
Smooth Vintage Squeeze!
British-Style Boost!
Four-Speed Overdrive
Queen Bee Treble Overdriver
Tangerine Squeeze Compressor
Every PedalDoctor FX pedal is completely handmade using
the best materials available. I build each one individually
including painting and machining the enclosures, loading
the PC boards, wiring the boards into the enclosures and
testing the finished product. I also enclose my owners
manual and a signed letter with a serial number, date of
completion and limited lifetime warranty. Finally, I sign and
date the enclosure when I stamp the serial number inside it
before sending (or handing) the completed custom built
pedal to it's owner.
"I know that it would be faster and easier to farm out the
labor required to build my effects pedals but the truth is, I
love doing this. I don't have to be concerned with the
possibility that there may be low quality parts and/or
workmanship included in the finished product."
"I get a great deal of satisfaction from getting to know
the people who use my pedals and I keep in contact with
most all of them. After eight years, I've still got the serial
numbers and names of nearly all of my pedals and their
owners! Some of them were kind enough to send me
their pedals to photograph for this website. It's great to
know that they're still in the hands and on the
pedalboards of the original owners after all this time."
'After repairing and modifying effects pedals and
amplifiers for the past eight years, I've gotten a sense
of what the working musician really wants and needs to
"get that sound". That's how I get the ideas for my
pedals by listening to the needs of you, the user.'
-Tim Creek, PedalDoctor FX