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PedalDoctor FX Mod Rod
PedalDoctor FX started as a custom effects pedal
repair and construction shop and soon made the
inevitable addition of modifications to my list of
services. Now that I have a shop and the room to do
so, I not only work on pedals, but I have an insatiable
affirmation for vintage and custom built amps and
usually have a few of them in my shop as well. After
all, effects, amps and guitars are what I call the
"Trinity of Tone" and you can't love one without the
other two.  Check out some of the current repairs
and mods that I've got on my bench...
Mods & Repairs
PedalDoctor Mods
Tweaking a Fender Reverb
1961 Fender Reverb
Duplicating the
Nothing compares to the sound of a true spring reverb!
This month I had the pleasure of working on a real piece
of music history; a '61 Fender Reverb Unit! These sonic
beauties are getting harder to find and are definitely
worth having if you can find one for the right price.
A while back Will Owsley approached me to convert his
'68 Marshall 50-watt "Plexi" head into  "Bluesbreaker"
combo. I usually will avoid modifying a vintage amp like
this mostly because I'm a bit of a purist and I already
consider an amp of this caliber to be sonically elite but
we weren't altering the amp itself too much so I jumped
at the chance to have a near-mint Marshall on my bench
to work with (who wouldn't!) Check out the transition...
Coming Soon!!