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"If It Isn't Broke, Don't Fix It!!"
Turn your cool old Boss CE-2 Chorus into an
even cooler true Vibrato pedal at the flick of a
If you can't afford a vintage CE-1 Chorus
Ensemble but you have a CE-2, you can still get
that fat analog chorus and a true vibrato in a
smaller package!
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The "PD-5" mod requires disassembling a Boss DD-5
and modifying it to fit into an aluminum enclosure.
At the same time, I add the tap tempo switch to the
pedal saving the user the trouble of having to use an
external switch and ultimately saving room on the
pedalboard. I've also got some other tricks for the
PD-5 up my sleeve -more about that later ;-)
the Ibanez TS-9 "Mean Green" Mod
The "Mean Green" mod requires installing a mini
"comp cut" toggle switch that makes the overdrive
sound bigger and more dynamically responsive. You
can even use it as a "clean crunch" pedal. It feels
great, much like an amp. I also add a bit of low end to
the mod giving it a "fat boost" character.
the Boss CE-2 "Vibro" Mod
the Boss DD-5 PedalDoctor "PD-5" Mod