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The Tubescreamer is quite possibly one of the
most used overdrive pedals to come along. It
was so sought after that Ibanez reissued them
and even offers modified versions of the same
pedal. Now it seems that everyone has their
version of the TS9 (and other TubeScreamer
models) Mod. I've tried not to offer too many
"standard" mods to commercial overdrives but
sometimes it's easier and less expensive to
modify an existing design rather than "reinvent
the wheel"  and even though I'm a bit of a purist
when it comes to pedals, I do have a TS9 mod
that I do.
Click Here To Demo The
Ibanez TS9
"Mean Green" Mod
Sample 1
(played 1st stock, then w/mod)
This mod consists of adding a
switch that defeats the compression
and makes the TubeScreamer more
dynamically responsive. I also tweak
the tone a bit to redefine some of the
low end the original model tends to
mask. This allows you to use the
TS9 as a type of  "Clean Boost". BE
CAREFULL, this is a much louder
and "Meaner" overdrive than the
stock TS9.