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"Boss CE-2 Vibro-Chorus Mod"
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Click Here To Demo The
Boss Vibro-Chorus Mod
Sample 1
Sample 2
(played 1st w/chorus, then w/vibrato)
Musicians who dig chorus absolutely love the vintage
Roland CE-1 Chorus/Vibrato pedal with some notable
They have a much larger footprint and therefore,
require more valuable room on the pedalboard.
2: You can only control the depth or "intensity" on the
Chorus side of the CE-1.
3: The "High/Low" switch will either cause the unit to
distort in the "High" setting or soak up high
frequencies from your guitars signal in the "Low"
setting ., as a solution I modded a CE-2 and added a mini
toggle switch that allows the user to switch between the
stock Chorus and a very cool True Vibrato effect.
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Analog Chorusing and
True Vibrato from One
Classic Pedal!